A picturesque spectacular sunset, endless coastline surrounded evergreen forests along with thousands of terrific experiences has made the Pearl Island – Phu Quoc one of the most attractive and unique destinations.

Besides domestic heavens on Earth, like Nha Trang or Da Nang, Phu Quoc is the destination you should visit once in a lifetime. Recently, CNN Travel voted the island district of Kien Giang province as one of the 17 best tourist spots in Asia. If you decided to have a self-sufficient tour Phu Quoc, note suggestions down below to plan a memorable trip.

Discover a scenic islets

Phu Quoc has over 20 islets, which have their own advantages with crystal clear water, ecosystem, and a variety of native and unique species. You can choose a tour to 3 or 4 islets on Phu Quoc to visit Fingernail Island, May Rut Island, Dam Ngang Island, Hon Thom Island. It would be unforgettable to float peacefully on the ocean, feel the breeze, and admire the enchanting, blooming beauty of nature.

Phu Quoc offers many breathtaking islets to explore
Phu Quoc offers many breathtaking islets to explore.
Photo: Klook Vietnam

Watch the sunset on the beach and squid fishing

Catching some squid with locals in the open sea was voted by travelers as one of the most favorite outdoor activities. At the beginning of the trip, when the sky wears a new deep color shirt that creates a beautiful scene, you could admire the breathtaking sunset on the beach. Throughout the journey, fishermen will share fishing experiences and tips to help you catch a squid by yourself, cook, and enjoy your haul/“prize” on the boat.

The picturesque scene of sunset on the beach
The picturesque scene of sunset on the beach
Photo: Klook Vietnam

Enjoy seafood in Ham Ninh fishing Village

Spend at least half of their day at Ham Ninh fishing village to feel peaceful marine life. Ham Ninh is the most beautiful at dawn or on a starry night with the bright moon.

The main occupation of local people is pearl hunting, sea cucumber fishing, or crab farming. There, you can fully enjoy the specialties of Ham Ninh, which are famous for their freshness. Just deep crab on lemon-pepper-salt sauce, which will make it taste better and enjoy the taste of fresh crab meat.

Peaceful and poetic Ham Ninh fishing village
Peaceful and poetic Ham Ninh fishing village.
Photo: Klook Vietnam

Spend your day at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park and discover why it is visited by thousands of globetrotter

Coming to Sun World Hon Thom Phu Quoc, you will get a panoramic view of nature from above through a cabin car. Starting from An Thoi town, passing through Hon Roi, Hon Dua, ending up at Hon Thom. The cable car system of Hon Thom is awarded by the Guinness Organization as the world record in the category of the longest sea-crossing.

Prepare yourself for extreme games in Aquatoria waterpark, such as Sea Dragon, Python Plunge, and Queen Cobra / King Cobra. For those who are a type that loves to explore nature, the park offers some water activities such as kano, diving, kayaking, floating houses, which help to increase family affection,…

A variety of exciting attractions at the park are waiting for you
A variety of exciting attractions at the park are waiting for you.
Photo: Sun World Hon Thom

Buy souvenirs in the Pearl Farm

Going on a self-catering holiday to Phu Quoc and not bringing some pearls home as a gift? What a mess! According to culture pearl specialists, Phu Quoc pearl ranked as the world’s best kind due to its color, smoothness, polishness, shape, the thickness of the nacre, and compatibility.

High-quality Phu Quoc’s pearl
High-quality Phu Quoc’s pearl
Photo: Pixabay

Like human beings, every pearl born with their own characteristics: black, white, circular, water drop shape. However, together they create fashionable lavish jewelry. If you have a chance to travel to Phu Quoc, do not forget to pay Pearl Farm a visit to explore farming and creating processes of pearl, and purchase a satisfying gift.

With the suggestions above, hope you will get more ideas to cater your Phu Quoc trip. Traveling is not about waiting, so invite your besties or “the other half” to go straight to the pearl island today.

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