Vietnam is famous for fine architectural Buddhism pagodas and temples but not so many people know about unique churches and cathedral throughout this country. With the unique architecture, these churches in Vietnam have made quite an impact on the tourists who love architecture.

1. Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon

Many people don’t know that the full name of Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica is Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of The Immaculate Conception. Through many years, despite many ups and downs of history, the Cathedral in the heart of Saigon still look splendid, solemn and magnificent. For many people, It is considered as the masterpiece architecture of Sai Gon.

All building materials of this cathedral including cement, steel, and screw were brought from France. The outside of cathedral was made of Marseille brick which still keeps its colour till now.
Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of ho chi minh city church in Vietnam

Another unique thing about Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon is the cathedral doesn’t have the hoarding like other cathedrals in Saigon.

The architecture of Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica is fascinating and precise, from the wall, glass window, the bell, the Madonna… Every pattern of the cathedral follows Roman and Gothic architecture, blending both solemn and refined.

2. Saint Joseph Cathedral in Hanoi

Probably everyone in Hanoi, whether being a Christian or not, all knows about St. Joseph’s Cathedral. The cathedral was designed in Gothic style with high walls, dome, and many windows. This kind of architecture was very popular in the 12th Centuries and the period of the Renaissance in Europe.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral was built in imitation of Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral with the curve dome head to the sky. The cathedral has the main door and two wicket door on either side. All the doors and windows were rolled sharply in gothic style, combining with the glass pictures bring the natural light for the whole cathedral.

Nowadays, St. Joseph’s Cathedral becomes an integral part of Hanoi. This place becomes a common address not only for the Catholic but also for everyone in Hanoi.

3. Tan Dinh Church in Saigon

Tan Dinh Church was inaugurated in 1876. It has Gothic architecture, and the decoration follows Roman and Baroque style. Tân Định church was considered as the most beautiful church in Vietnam.

The outside of Tân Định church was covered with pink colour. At the front, there is the main tower and two minor towers on either side. The main tower stands 52.6 meters, and at the top of the tower is a cross about 3 meters high which was made from brass.

The church has five bells with the total weight of about 5.5 tonnes. Two minor towers were decorated with the chandeliers, many flower windows and so on. All of this brings the charming and the solidity of the church.

4. Kontum wood church

In the middle of Vietnam Central Highlands, Kontum wood church was entirely made of Chít wood. The church is a harmony masterpiece of the Roman and Ba Na ethnic’s architecture. It is imbued with the culture, religion of the highlands. The church is a self-contained church including a synagogue, reception room, a gallery showing the local product and communal houses. In addition, there are an orphanage, a weaving mill, and a wood workshop.

5. Chicken church or Da Lat Cathedral

The Chicken church is one of the oldest and largest churches and representative architecture of Da Lat. The name Chicken church is due to a chicken symbol on the top of the bell-tower. The church was built in one year from 1931 to 1942. It has a length of 65 meters, a width of 14 meters, and a height of 47 meters. Because of its height, you can see the church from many places in the city.

6. Phat Diem Cathedral, Ninh Binh

Phat Diem Cathedral in Ninh Binh is one of the most uniquely harmonizing architectural structures in which Buddhism beauty blends in with Christianity. It has the curve dome which is the most popular architecture of Buddhist pagoda in Vietnam.

The other special thing in Phat Diem cathedral is the Crucifixion was put on a Lotus shaped lamp support. It’s not too much for somebody to name Phat Diem Cathedral one of the most unique cathedrals all over the world.

Phat Diem architectural features have the open and close space in the eastern style. With a small lake at the front and the mountain at the behind, the cathedral has a beautiful landscape. Moreover, in Vietnam, that position with the water in the front, the mountain on the back, is very lucky in Vietnamese tradition, as well as some other Eastern Asian cultures.

7. Sapa Old Stone Church

The Old Stone church of Sapa or Holy Rosary Church is situated in a great area with Ham Rong mountain on the back, and a flat land at the front where have many festivals happened here. The church is at the centre of Sapa Town so you can contemplate the whole church from many views.

There are two more architectures which also was designed by French architect are Chu Cau building (also known as Hoang Lien hotel) and an old committee, which was the head of information central of travel Lao Cai. These buildings create an isosceles triangle with characterized France architecture. In fact, the shape and architecture of Sapa church were built follow crucifix shape with Gothic style. That structure demonstrates at the roof, the bell-tower, the curve dorm… All of this brings a delicate beauty to the church.