What pops up in your mind when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine? Pho – a mixture of clear pork-based broth and beef toppings, Banh Mi of baguette and numerous toppings or Bun Cha – a harmony of grilled pork, vermicelli and dipping sauce ? Those haram dishes would be such a hindrance for Muslim travellers to Vietnam. However, as our country nowadays gradually are welcoming more and more visitors from all religions, the number of halal restaurants and facilities has increased much in recent year. In this article, I will mention a list of halal restaurants based in not only Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, but in central Vietnam like Nha Trang, Hoi An, Phan Thiet, Da Nang.

Halal restaurants in Hanoi

Choosing a Halal restaurant in Hanoi is no longer challenging as you can easily google numerous list of Indian, Malaysian or Middle-Eastern restaurants in this capital city. From upscale to mid-range ones, Hanoi has it all. Among this wealth of delicacies, here are my suggestion of the most well-noted halal-certified restaurants that you may want to add to your list when travelling to Hanoi.

1. Tastes-from-the-globe restaurants

These restaurants are often splendid facilities located inside modern and luxurious 5* hotels in central Hanoi. You can rest assured to enjoy the tastes from all around the globe prepared from halal ingredients while experiencing the top-notch services in these buffet restaurants.

2. Singaporean – Malaysian – Vietnamese restaurants

Though the tastes from these ASEAN restaurants might be distinctive, there are still several things in common. That is, a strong aromatic flavor from citrus and herbs like lime, coriander, basil and from spices like tamarind and lemongrass. Cooking methods featuring a balance of stir-frying, boiling and steaming, are the key to the healthiness of these dishes.

3. Indian – Pakistani Restaurants

Visitors to Hanoi may find it the easiest to look for a halal restaurants of South Asian cuisine as numerous restaurants are located in the heart of capital city. You might expect a full-course of authentic Indian flavours in some of these listed restaurants. Their specialty is well-noted by the Muslim and expat community here.

4. Middle-Eastern Restaurants

In recent year, more and more restaurants with Middle-Eastern cuisine are opening up in Hanoi. If you favor rustic eateries that allow outdoors dining of baked naan and grilled kebab, Nan N Kabab would very much suit your taste. Meanwhile, eating out with friends and spouse and rhyming to music performance, such a complex of restaurant, bar, and lounge like Beirut or Daluva Restaurant will stimulate all five senses of yours.